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Best DishWasher India Reviews & Prices 2014

Why should you invest in a dishwasher and are they worthy for Indian Kitchen?

Are you tired of washing all those dirty and greasy utensils every day and wasting hours over it? Well, that is the case for most women who spend hours cooking and cleaning in the kitchen with no one to help them. The answer to all your dishwashing needs is a dishwasher which can clean all types of utensils no matter how greasy or oily they are with tough stains all over.

The manufacturers in India are now manufacturing dishwashers keeping in mind the Indian households which make use of a lot of oil and butter in their food items, thus resulting in extremely dirty and greasy utensils at the end of the day. Nowadays, many homemakers depend on online reviews which help them analyze the best dishwashers in the market and choose the one which will best suit their budget and unique needs.

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Bosch 12 Place Setting SMS40E32EU
Siemens 12 Place Setting SN24D801EU
Siemens 12 Place Setting SN24D801EU
LG 14 Place Setting D1452CF
LG 14 Place Setting D1452CF
Bosch 12 Place Setting SMS40M52EU
Bosch 12 Place Setting SMS40M52EU
IFB 12 Place Setting Zephyr DX
IFB 12 Place Setting Zephyr DX
Samsung 12 Place Setting DW-FN320T/XTL
Samsung 12 Place Setting DW-FN320T/XTL
Kaff K/DW HANS Dishwasher
Kaff K/DW HANS Dishwasher
LG 14 Place Setting D1451WF
LG 14 Place Setting D1451WF
Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years 1 Years 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years
Colour White Silver Inox Metallic Grey White White Grey White Grey
Capacity Wash 12 Place Setting 12 Place Setting 14 Place Setting 12 Place Setting 12 Place Setting 12 Place Setting 12 Place Setting 12 Place Setting
Wash Program 4 4 5 4 5 6 6 5
Child Lock
Litres Per Cycle 14 Liters 12 Liters 11 Liters 12 Liters 12.4 – 17 Lit 12 Lit 14 Liters 14 Liters
Water Softener
Salt Funnel
Time Delay 3, 6, 9 hrs Cont. 24 Hrs 1-19 Hrs Max 24 Hrs yes 1-19 Hrs Yes 1-19 Hrs
Electronic Consumption 1.02 kWH 1.02kWH 1.08kWH 1.02kWH 1.26kWH 1.03kWH ——- 1.26kWH









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Given below are the key features of a dishwasher that need to be understood before purchasing one:

Place Setting

When choosing a dishwasher, one must check the place setting that it offers. The capacity of the dishwasher is denoted by its place setting and it varies from one dishwasher to another. A typical 12 place setting will contain 12 each of dinner and dessert plates, glasses, tea cups and saucers along with spoons of all sizes, knives and forks. It will also hold 3 to 4 serving plates and spoons along with 12 bowls. A mixed load will also have pots, big pans, kadhai and cooker which are ideal for the Indian homes.

Energy consumption:

There are different modes of washing undertaken by a dishwasher which determine the energy consumed by it. The different modes are intensive, auto or normal, economy, delicate, quick wash and pre-wash to name them all, with the highest energy being consumed when the dishwasher is used in intensive mode and the lowest being in pre-wash mode.

Litres per cycle:

The amount of water that is consumed during the entire wash of one cycle by the dishwasher is defined as the litres per cycle parameter. It helps you judge how much water would you need to provide the dishwasher for every single use. In most cases, a good dishwasher uses around 12 litres of water per cycle.

Child Lock:

For people who have children at home, this feature must be considered when buying a dishwasher. It allows you to lock the keys and buttons provided in the dishwasher as and when needed so that your child cannot press any button at any point of time. It prevents the child from switching off the dishwasher in between a cycle or starting the dishwasher without the utensils being loaded in it.


Owning a dishwasher with a long warranty prevents you from having to worry if the dishwasher stops working or gives trouble at any point of time. If your product is under warranty, the manufacturers will send over a technician to solve the problem without any charges and ensure that your dishwasher starts working perfectly again.

Time Delay:

Time delay is a feature which allows you to delay the starting of your dishwasher for a few hours depending on its capability. If you are to leave home but need the utensils to be washed after a few hours, you can start the time delay feature and the dishwasher will start at the time specified by you. Different dishwashers offer different time delay systems as in some you can start the machine 3 to 4 hours later while in others you can start it almost a day later.

A few things to consider when choosing a dishwasher for Indian homes:

  • How many utensils do you have to wash after a meal?
  • Are your family members used to using a lot of utensils during meals?
  • Do you have domestic help to clean the larger utensils or not?
  • How much water are you willing to use per use?
  • Is there someone who can operate the machine in your absence?
  • What is your budget for the dishwasher?
  • Do you have the space required to place a dishwasher?
  • Do you have children at home who need to be kept away from the dishwasher?
  • How much electricity can you spare for the dishwasher use?

Your decision of choosing the right dishwasher for your home must be taken after considering all these factors as they will help you make the right choice and ensure that you have invested your hard-earned money correctly. We bring to you a complete survey and analysis of the best dishwasher’s in the Indian market to give you a complete understanding of the same.

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