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I am looking to buy a dishwasher. family size 6 members. can you suggest one. budget 35 k 5. September 2014
Adity, I guess your are from Bangalore so you can check these two products.

Bosch 12 Place Setting SMS40E32EU
Samsung 12 Place Setting DW-FN320T/XTL

which is the best brand to buy to wash India vessels and how do we select the right one for us 5. September 2014
Honestly, we have found most of dishwasher companies working in India have come up with best of Machines highly customized for Indian Kitchen.

There are few factors which you must consider before buying a Dishwasher.

  1.  Find best place setting for your family. 12 is standard place setting but we also have products with 10, 14 and 16 place setting.
  2. Check local product support of each of company.
  3.  Find out product which consume less electricity and water.

I hope my answer ill help you to buy best of product for your family.

Siemens SN24D801EU versus LG 1451WF (or 1452CF)?? 5. September 2014
If you are living in metros or second tier cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad etc then surely you can select either of above mentioned machines. My personal choice would be Siemens here.

Or if you are living non metro cities then please check your local service for both the companies before finalizing a product.

Siemens SN24D801EU versus LG 1451WF (or 1452CF)??, which one is superior, and how is the after sale support in Bangalore. 5. September 2014
Both Siemens and LG has good service feedback in Bangalore. Personally I would prefer Siemens SN24D801EU)